J's Infinite Royalties was founded by our very own B.A.E (Beast at Everything), Jovonne Pullen.

Jovonne has always been a DIY kind of individual.  She prides herself on her multiple skills and talents; as well as, the fact that she knows you can achieve anything and everything if you simply put your mind to it.

You know, that "Jack of all Trades" mentality.

Jovonne knows she isn't the only one.

It wouldn’t even be right to write about a legacy if she didn’t acknowledge where {HER}story began.

Both her Nena (Grandmother), and Mother helped instill the resourceful crafting ability that Jovonne is able to expand upon today.

With the certification of her LLC a year into her business, Jovonne was able to add both her Nena, CEO of Nena’s Cozy Comforts, and her mother, CEO/Founder of Belle Designs, to her platform, J’s Infinite Royalties’, kick starting the new “One Stop DIY Shop” where customers/clients can come and have multiple necessities met.  


In many situations, Jovonne would find various individuals looking to support local, passionate, talents or she would find some individuals working towards developing/learning their crafts but somewhat struggling to promote themselves or even motivate themselves after a certain point, because they are simply missing that one resource to help them build their own empire. 

Jovonne took note of this. 

She also took into account, based on her own experiences and while she developed her own skills and talents; she found herself opening doors and providing opportunities and experiences that she didn't really realize before. 

Leading to the ability to help and sponsor other businesses move forward such as Bonét’s Bonnets

Suddenly the sky was no longer the limit but INFINITE

These skills, talents, hobbies.... these aspects were ROYALITIES.  Worth more than money knowing the amount of opportunities offered would be endless because of newly developed resources.

With this knowledge and that mentality - to be a Jack (or Jill) of all trades is to have an INFINITE amount of ROYALTIES

And there lies the legacy of J's Infinite Royalties